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Habits That Separate Real Estate Champions from Real Estate Has Beens

Real estate can be a brutal business. Agents have to juggle attracting new clients while keeping their existing clients happy and maintaining a shining public presence. If that weren’t enough to keep you busy, there’s typically plenty of competition among other agents that are hot on your heels 24/7!  ?  Setting yourself apart in this highly competitive and demanding field may seem like an impossible feat, but luckily, there are steps you can take to join the top ranks of real estate pros!

Here are the top 5 common attributes that separate top-producing real estate agents and brokers from the rest of the pack!


1. Be Proactive

Staying ahead of the competition is the only way to be the real estate powerhouse we know you can be! When you’re working with a client, make sure you keep in touch. ?☎️??  Send them emails to check in, call them about listings that pop up within their desired areas and try to make yourself available as much as possible when they want to view a property. Every client should feel like they’re your main squeeze. ?   Displaying attentiveness will show that you’re invested in your client’s success.  Oh, and don’t make it all about the sale – truly get to know them and establish a relationship.  People love to do business with people they like.  


2. Be the Expert ?

In addition to being proactive, true real estate bosses are knowledgeable about the areas they serve. Make it your mission to relay helpful information about the neighborhood you’re covering. Tell your client about the best schools, restaurants, and amenities. Listen to their lifestyle needs and be proactive in providing solutions.  Become their trusted resource and they’ll become not only a valuable client, but also a great source of referrals!


3. Be a Tech Guru

Using technology well can really set you apart from other not as awesome agents. Let’s face it, technology just makes everyone’s life easier.  With your powers and technology combined you can stay on top of all things important to your client. And that’s what’s really important, right, real estate hero? The newest tech tools are key to staying organized and managing your client relationships. Kat Calling has killer customer support and provides detailed weekly reports to keep agents both in the loop and on their toes. We know you’re busy, and your peace of mind is important to us! We protect your sanity with text reminders and google integration to keep you notified of the when and where!  ?


4. Network, Network, Network

It’s important to remember that the most successful real estate agents don’t just follow leads; they create them.  Building a well-regarded reputation is key to attracting people to you.  And make sure you’re out meeting people on a regular basis.  Get involved in community events - no one can meet the amazing local real estate agent if they’re not visible.  So make new friends.  ?  Look for opportunities to support your community and other industry professionals, stay relevant on social media and in general, be a person other people like to have in their life.


5. Partner with an Assistant

Trying to make appointments and generate leads all on your own can be overwhelming when you’re closing all the time.  ?  We make it easy to increase sales and reach your goals by providing real estate prospecting, appointment setting, custom scripts for cold calling and more super awesome *top secret* tools to help real estate agents like you, be the best of the best! Reach out to us today to learn how we can help you become a stress-free, top-producing real estate superstar!  ?