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You're a Real Estate Hero, Show Them What You've Got

Real estate pros, like you, know how difficult it can be to get your name and brand past the noise and onto the radar of actual clients. You also probably know how important it is to take advantage of marketing ? in this hyper-connected age.  If you don’t know, it’s time to play catch up! Because if you’re not participating in some sort of online marketing, it’s super easy to get lost in the crowd.

Lucky for you, we’ve compiled a list of marketing ideas for real estate agents so you can focus on earning repeat business and referrals. Who doesn’t want that? We already know how wonderful and valuable you are as a real estate agent. Now let your community see it! Here’s how you can start to market your value to prospective clients:

Use Your Email List ?

Email marketing is an incredibly necessary tool right now. Email gives you a direct line of contact to your potential clients. So go ahead and create an email campaign to show off how knowledgeable you are about real estate in your area. Don’t be afraid to have some fun with it!  ?  Share your killer personality and explain exactly why you’re a real estate superstar. We recommend having two or three different versions of the email so you can send it out a few times. Although your words are gold, ? not everyone reads all the emails they get. Experiment with different subject lines and you can see you open rate soar!

A robust email list isn’t only useful for sharing information directly. It’s also a great way to connect with people over platforms like LinkedIn. Take the names and emails from your list, plug it into LinkedIn’s search feature and watch those connections grow, grow, grow!  ?

Start a Referral Program

People trust referrals. It’s a way for them to get the inside scoop about how awesome you really are. ?  As a result, one of the best ways to secure new business is to encourage past clients to refer you to new people.

You can start to build your referral program by verbally asking past clients to participate. Don’t be shy! Or, you can really set yourself apart and make things easy by creating a place for past clients to leave them. Think about creating a form on your website, or send past clients a questionnaire over email. Make it easy for them to participate in your referral program. Or, you know, you can let the pros at Kat Calling set everything up for you!

Gather and Share Those Positive Reviews

Reviews are a close cousin of referrals. They offer social proof. Although they aren’t as direct, they offer a proven method for you to spread the word about how great you are. And trust us, you’re great!

Once again, don’t hesitate to ask past customers to leave a review on your social platforms. Send them reminders and links to make it easy for them to get right to it. If they say something positive about you over the phone or in person, encourage them to leave a review. It doesn’t hurt to be honest about how valuable their opinion is to you! ?

Once you’ve built up enough positive reviews, you’ll want to get them in front of your followers. Consider creating a review management strategy so you can actively share your client feedback. By putting your positive reviews at the forefront of your social campaigns, new clients can see real evidence of how great you are at what you do. Once again, you’re pretty great. ?

Let Us Market Your Value For You

Kat Calling is here to maximize your business potential and build on every opportunity. Sit back, relax, and let us help you show prospective clients just how wonderful you are. We’ll work seamlessly with your existing team so you can focus on being an expert in your field and we can focus on sharing your value with the world. Give us a call today!