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Master Follow Up, Master Yourself

Everything is going great: you both get along well, communicate openly and effectively, and have your goals set on similar ideas. ??? When you part ways, you are feeling optimistic about how soon you'll be hearing from them. Then, a week passes and NOTHING. Should you call them? Send them an email? You don't want to be a pest, but that last get-together was so promising…

Surprise! Though it sounds like that date you went on a few weeks ago, we actually just illustrated the uncertainty that comes after a meeting with a potential client if you don’t have a solid follow up process. Simply put, cementing a business deal and securing a second date are spooky similar. Although we don’t claim to be dating gurus, ?  we are pretty good at closing deals. ?? So, tune in and we'll help you master the art of follow up to help your bottom line and honestly it’ll probably help with the dates too, if you’re looking.

The Art of Follow Up aka Closing More Deals

There should be no question about it, you always need to follow up. ☝️  People are busy and real estate is competitive. ? As a world class real estate agent, you want to be as relevant and helpful to your clients as possible. You want to be there when they need you and patiently available when they don’t.  Welcome to the art of follow up. Following up with mastery, allows you to greet every opportunity when it works best for the MOST important person, *cough* the client *cough*.

Ask About Following Up

Surprisingly, the best way to find out how your new client prefers to communicate is to ask! ?  As you approach the end of a meeting with a customer, ask about following up, when to follow up, and/or the best means to follow up with them. Being direct about future communications takes away any uncertainty about the when and how!

Once you confirm a timeframe of when to talk and how to go about it. Make sure you hold up your communication commitments on your side so that the client holds up on their end as well.

Set Follow-Up Goals

Regardless of how effective your meeting was with a client, progress is going to come to an abrupt halt if you have no idea what to include in your follow-up. You can't just reach out to the customer (“Heyyyy just wanted to say hi. I miss you and was I dunno I was just thinking about you …”) and expect them to do the rest for you. Don't be lame. Your follow-up needs to have meaning to leave an impact and move you closer to your end goal. That's why it's always good to set follow-up goals! ?

The best way to create meaningful follow up for your customers is to set goals that stem directly from an action item or area of discussion from your initial meeting. When you set relevant goals with them, they know that you WILL be following up AND you will be bringing them valuable insights that relate to their questions or ideas you talked about during your first awesome meeting! ??

Respect the Customer

Although there is some wiggle room in when and how often you contact the customer after your first meeting, it is ultimately important to respect the customer. We’re sure you know not to call during dinner time, right? Great! Treat your potential clients like they are people, not just leads. If give them all the love and respect that you would give your grandma,??? it’s hard to not to go gah gah for you!

Finally, if you have respected their space, established follow-up goals, stuck to a follow-up schedule and still haven’t heard from them, then you should again be direct and ask if you should stop reaching out.

Honesty can be the best policy, especially when forging new business relationships. If you openly acknowledge that you are struggling to follow up with them, and ask if they are no longer interested in hearing from you, then most likely the client will have a genuine, respectful reply. Even if it ends with you losing a customer, you have shown a good business practice that is likely to stay with them. We know you’re a real estate boss-ninja so take it a step further and ask them for any constructive criticism or feedback so that you can improve your game for the next person you follow up with! ?

Follow Up to Stay Ahead

Making connections and following up with customers can be challenging, especially when trying to grow your business and stay ahead of the competition. ? Luckily, services like Kat Calling make it easy to reach your goals. We give your potentials the right recipe of love and attention to nurture them into listings that close!  Let us help you show potential clients just how wonderful you are and remember, we keep making calls until you close 10 deals! Connect with us today to learn more.