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The Secret to Referrals and Repeat Clients

You made the sale. You completed the transaction. You finalized the deal. You are unstoppable! ???

But before you start making moves for your next big win, don’t forget to take a few final follow-up steps to solidify yourself as the ONLY real estate agent for them. ? Honestly, it’s a mystery how anyone could forget a rockstar like you. But, in this day and age, you need to WOW people to leave your mark!

Luckily, there are things you can do to make people immediately think of you the next time they (or a friend) needs to move. The most important step towards getting referrals is obviously going lightyears above and beyond for your clients. When you go over the top with kind and professional gestures you are almost guaranteed to get noticed and referred ?. A commitment to an elite level of service is step #1. BUT, read on friends, we have some other super smart ways to encourage some word-o-mouth. With the right marketing strategies and team on your side (*cough* think Kat Calling *cough*), you can keep those sales, transactions and deals right on coming!

Don't Be Afraid to Ask

The best way to accumulate reviews or referrals? Ask for them! ? You feel like a boss-agent after a successful sale, and your client is probably feeling pretty good themselves. So, while the transaction is fresh and their fantastical experience is at the top of their mind, ask them for a quick and easy favor. Create yourself a google business page or direct them to real estate sites that host agent reviews, like Zillow. If they agree to leave you feedback, publish it on your website and social media, or even forward it to potential clients.

Take destiny into your own hands by sending a follow up email asking them to rate your service and leave comments about their experience. Also, make sure you have a place on your website for them to leave reviews. When you add an incentive like a gift card, it increases responses from past and present clients by like a billion. Because who doesn’t love free stuff?! ? ? ?

Keep in Touch

If a client had a positive experience with you, you don't want to forget about it, so don't let them forget about it either! Stay on their radar by keeping in touch from time to time. What big things are happening in real estate? Do you have a blog you can have them subscribe to? Do they have a birthday coming up? Can you refer a sweet roofer, named Jameson, that has a god-like beard?

Okay, maybe leave that last one out... but you get the idea! Consistently share all the happenings that your clients might find valuable through social media, newsletters or email marketing. If you’re feeling really ambitious, do all three! When you come from a place of contribution first, your client will feel the love and return in favor.

Need to Market Your Business? We Can Help!

For the busy successful agent, following up as much as you want can be just out of reach - trust and leverage a team to make sure your past clients and potentials feel the love as often as they should. ? ? ? Kat Calling ISA's leave voicemails and chase leads until your foot is in the door! ? ? ✍️? ? ‍

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