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How to Turn a Lead Into a Sale

You made a good first impression ?, marketed yourself effectively, received positive feedback ✔️, had a successful follow-up meeting, and were only moments away from a deal-securing handshake ?. You did everything you thought you were supposed to do, right? Why, then, did the lead fall through?


We would like you to put on your big boy and girl pants and really think ?. When a lead falls through there is a reason, so don’t get caught up lying to yourself. This is an opportunity to get better! Don’t let a lack of self-awareness be what’s holding you back. Take a look at your whole sales cycle and find the places where you can strengthen your game! ?

Build a Foundation of Trust

In order to make a sale, the client has to trust you. ?  A solid foundation of trust can lead to clients who like you so much, they call you on your birthday! ? ? ?  Think about it. Would you trust any Joe Schmo with a pair of hair cutting shears to give you a fresh new do? ? ✂️ Probably not. But when you find a stylist who you trust to make you look great, it’s likely you’ll continue to go to them as long as possible. ?


During your next sales opportunity, try to focus on building trust and creating a relationship, not just closing a deal. Let’s not forget that we’re all humans, first ☝️ (unless you’re secretly a cyborg, which we’re totally cool with). Use the early stages of your transaction to let a potential client know that their needs deserve to be met, and you can help!

Are You Listening? I Mean Really Listening?

Sometimes we get so caught up in the transaction or sales process that we TOTALLY miss out on what the client has to say. From constructive criticism to important feedback or maybe even a request for more details, a customer’s comments are GOLD. ? ? These subtle, or not so subtle, cues are yours for the taking, so you can give the client exactly what they need.

So, the next time you find yourself face-to-face with a prospective client, really listen to what they have to say, ask lots of questions and have a meaningful conversation. Remember to seek to understand before seeking to be understood. We guarantee it won’t go unnoticed!

Remember Quality Over Quantity

You no doubt know the saying, "Quality over quantity." For example, would you rather have ten bent and tangled Slinkys, or one pristine Slinky? Obviously, you’d take the one Slinky that works, then proceed to tangle it immediately because those things are impossible to keep intact.

Anyway, this saying applies to building customer relations and completing a sale, too. Having a large number of prospects won’t amount to much if none of them go through. It’s better to have a select number of high-quality, promising leads, so you can focus on them individually.

If you continue to find yourself with numerous lost leads, try adjusting your advertisements, shifting your demographic focus, revising your pitches, or perhaps a combination of all three. ? Discover the sweet spot for generating customer interest that is qualified over quantified, and those leads will soon evolve into established clients.

Ready to Lead

All our forementioned advice is super awesome and effective ?, but if you really want a powerhouse strategy come talk to us at Kat Calling! We make sure your past clients and potentials feel the love as often as they should. Watch us turn your leads into sales, we dare you! Connect with us today!